Decorated Apparel

We have man y items that can be decorated with you design or a premade design. These items include

Infant tees

Infant Bodysuits

Youth Tees

Adult Tees




and more!!

We have a few ways to decorate you apparel. 

First is a cut vinyl that is heat applied to your garment.  There are many colors that can be chosen for you design. We can even add glitter. These style can only be done with designs with simple detail.

Second is a we can print your design on a vinyl that is cut and heat applied to your shirt  These can be mad with great detail such as photos or even a pattern.

Third is a process that is dyed into the material that will not fade or crack over time like other ways will.

You can do full color graphics.  These have to be 100% polyester and light in color.  

All of these ways allows for us to do a no minimum.  We do give some discount for larger orders.

For larger orders we can get a screen printed transfer but there will be a 15 shirt minimum.

We have many brands and styles to choose from.  If you click on our logo to the right will take you to a page with  many of the style and brands that we can get .  

Below is the starting price of many common items to be decorated


Decorated Apparel Starting Prices

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